Thursday, January 4, 2018

Your Spouse Is The best Come Rain!Come Sun!

Hi dear friends...

Welcome to the new year once more. I am going to change my pattern of blogging this year. We will be talking about relationship matters on this blog alongside celebrity gist.  

Please feel free to add your comments, contributions, true life stories, inspirational talks and video for all to learn from. ...

Words of  Wisdom for married couples

Your spouse is the best come Rain! Come Sun! You are customize for each other. Don't hurt each other with incentive words and actions. After God, your spouse should occupy the center of your heart. 

A husband must provide, protect his wife. He must learn how to be romantic.Tell your wife you love her always. Women love to hear that. Let her know she is the queen and the only queen in your kingdom. 

Relate together as friends. Let the children knows you love their mother. Don.t ever humiliate her publicly or privately. Don't ever raise your voice or hand against her. It is a primitive man that beats a woman.  

Welcome back readers, please I will be glad to read your comments, it encourages me to write more.



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