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Monday, October 13, 2014

His Appearance SHOCKED The Judges.. But His Singing Blew Them Away! WOW!

His Appearance SHOCKED The Judges.. But His Singing Blew Them Away! WOW!

Freddie Combs, an American minister, delivered one of the most shocking performances in the history of “The X Factor.” The 500-pound man, who has already lost 400 pounds after nearly dying, was wheeled out onto the stage by his wife. His arrival was a shock at first, but he joked to the judges, “Give a fat boy a chance.” Once he started singing, the stunned audience immediately did just that.
His performance of “Wind Beneath My Wings,” which he dedicated to his wife, was heavenly and impressive. All the judges was shocked and amazed by his strong voice, adding that you should never judge a book by its cover.
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Annie Idibia doing it the african way in the kitchen!

Hi readers, how was your weekend? I guess you enjoyed your weekend. Who said African celebrities wives don't perform their duties??? well Annie ( our true African Queen) has proved doubters wrong.. I am so loving this pic because that is exactly how I get dinner done with my nine month old baby strapped in my Kudos to you Annie..

Friday, September 26, 2014

Amber Rose Claims Wiz Khalifa Cheated: ‘I’m Devastated’

Hi readers still on Amber and Wiz... the story get
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While folks are out speculating that Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa’s marriage ended because she may have been creeping around with Nick Cannon, Mama Rosebud put that rumor six feet under today when she hopped on Twitter to clear the air.
According to Amber, she would never, ever cheat on Wiz. Unfortunately, he had trouble staying faithful in their relationship and that’s what caused the marriage to end:

Read more: Necole Amber Rose Claims Wiz Khalifa Cheated: ‘I’m Devastated’

Thursday, September 25, 2014


Comedian Bovi shares same birthday with his daughter...she turned one and he turned 35 today 

Happy birthday to father and daughter.

Beyoncé and Jay Z Share Previously Unseen Wedding And Baby Bump Footage

Remember when Jay and Beyoncé used to be the Fort Knox of couples? It took them years to even admit that they were a couple, and we found out through the media that they had gotten secretly married. Now, they are as open as 7-Eleven.
This weekend, we got a special treat during the airing of Jay Z and Beyoncé’s HBO On The Run tour special, as the Carters finally opened the door halfway for us to get a peek into their super-private lives. And it was beautiful!
With a mash-up of Jay’s “Forever Young” and Bey’s “Halo” serving as fitting background music, the musical pair shared unseen footage of their 10 years together, including video of their intimate 2008 wedding and shots of Bey’s bare baby bump. (Case closed!)
As always, Blue Ivy stole the show! The Carters revealed clips of baby Blue learning how to walk, swimming with her superstar mom, helping her famous dad do push-ups, and celebrating her very first birthday.

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If the entire concert can be summed up into one clip, it’s definitely this