Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Valeria Lukyanova is, by most accounts, a "Living Barbie

Valeria Lukyanova is, by most accounts, a "Living Barbie." Back in April, the Ukranian model became an online phenomena when photos of her doll-like features and Barbie proportions went viral around the world. Now, in her first major photo shoot, Lukyanova opens up on her real life.

 V magazine flew Lukyanova from Odessa, Ukraine, all the way to New York City for an interview and fashion shoot snapped by Sebastian Faena starring the self-described "most famous woman of the Russian-speaking Internet." Lukyanova's popularity skyrocketed as photos Lukyanova circulated online, showing the blonde with her impossibly thin waist, large chest, wide eyes and flawless skin. Viewers questioned if she is real or just really manufactured.

Humm is she for real?

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