Monday, June 11, 2012

Latest on BBA STARGAME 2012

Keagan and Lee's diary session was cut short after they belittled Biggie's line of questioning.

After deliberating on how they felt about being up for possible Eviction, which included their plan to stick to how they have played the game so far. Keagan took offense when Biggie then asked them what they were going to add to the game this week; "if you're going to ask me that stupid question again, maybe we should leave," Keagan said rudely causing Big Brother to dismiss them prematurely.

Junia and Jesica seem to be at ease as well with the impending Evictions as clarified in their Diary Session.

The girls also assured Biggie that they had no plans to change their personalities for votes. They said they expected Africa to vote for them based on who they really are not on fake personalities.

Though the Housemates would like to win the coveted US$ 300 000 prize money, they haven't lost sight of the fact that it's anyone's game.

Jannette has opted to be selfless this week and give up her share of alcohol to Keagan and Lee, only until Friday though. "I love alcohol but this week, I'll be sharing all of it with Keagan and Lee because they are nominated," Jannette explained.

Meanwhile, Malonza and Alex raised concern about Jannette's relationship with chicken. "Jannette cooks too much chicken it's not even funny. She's OCD, please look into it Biggie," the Keny

 It is almost midday and the Housemates are sound asleep save for Lady May - perhaps there's a trick in exercising in heels.

Malonza is in for a high jump and may have to choose between Jannette and Junia.

Though Junia didn't want to admit it, she just may be threatened by the little Jannette. Junia sat up on Malonza's bed last night explaining to him that there was nothing going on between her and Lee. Perhaps it was the nerves as this was shortly after she learnt that her country Namibia and South Africa were up for possible Eviction this Sunday. It looks like Junia wants to iron things out before Sunday with Malonza.

 After questioning the whereabouts of her pinks heels in vain, Lady May went for a higher pair of crocodile stilettos during the morning exercise session.

Lady May only realised after midnight that her beloved pink heels were missing but Keitta convincingly denied any knowledge of these.

Hard nut Lady May cracked and cried during her Diary session telling Biggie that she was a failure.

Lady May said she wasn't happy about her last Task Presentation, which wasn't easy because she was not in the right headspace. However, Biggie scratched below the surface and the Head of House said she hated failing. "I want things to be perfect," Lady May explained.

Finally, Jessica, Junia, Lee and Keagan are up for eviction this week,  to vote for your favorite house mate.  Click HERE

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