Wednesday, September 14, 2011

X Factor judge Gary Barlow tells Kelly Rowland: Stop flirting with me!

X Factor judge Gary Barlow has jokingly told Kelly Rowland 
to keep her mitts to herself 
- because her flirting's putting him off his job.

We can certainly understand why Gary, 40 - who's been happily married to wife Dawn Andrews for 11 years - has had to keep his co-judge at bay.

Kelly, 30, recently gushed: ‘I can hardly talk to 
him without blushing.
'He's so handsome and so charming. But 
I know he's married.
'I've met his wife and she's lovely. And girl, she has a nice piece of husband at home!'
Sounds like someone's got a bit of a crush there, Kelly...


  1. kelly speaks for us all ;) Gary is a lengend. phenomanal voice, so kind and funny and of course gorgeous ! I LOVE HIM!!!!

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